Residencies & Fellowships


Working on a creative project and need a site to be inspired or where you can execute your vision?  We offer weekly and monthly creative residencies subject to scheduling and board approval. 

Whole house space, which sleeps up to 16, available from $1500 per week or $5,500 per month, private bedrooms from $500 per week or $1500  per month, shared room from $250 per week or $900 per month. Depending on availability, we may also be able to accommodate shorter stays on a pay what you can basis. Email to about scheduling!

The space is also available for private rental on Airbnb and VRBO for private rentals not associated with creative pursuits. 


Several times per year we seek to coordinate solo and small collective creatives who apply into interdisciplinary groups of four to eight artists to take over our space (for free) and work on projects they lack an opportunity to pursue in their daily practice. The cut off for the next review of applications for Fall and Winter 2024 is May 30. 

Fellowships will be three to thirteen night periods where MidMountain individual and small collectives are invited to share the property. Proposals are reviewed by the MidMountain advisory board and grouped together into interdisciplinary cohorts. Eventually, we hope to scale up to hosting fellowships quarterly.  We are currently offering free space, with plans to seek grants and eventual rental profits to provide honorariums and additional amenities as we develop. We ask that fellows present some sort of event, workshop, or class (either individually or as a cohort) while on site and split proceeds between the creatives and the MidMountain nonprofit to support future programming, participate in a short video interview, provide one our a day of community labor, and contribute to our annual anthology zine. 

We want MidMountain to be a place where people have the time and space to grow creatively and share their journeys to inspire others. That will mean different things for different people and your personal goals for your fellow will be laid out in your open-ended proposal. We are especially interested in interdisciplinary artists who work across mediums or are exploring an area that has not been their primary focus in the past, as well as proposals that use the physical space as an integral part of their project. 

More information is available here.

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